Internet of things in the world "brain" fantasy

In recent years, with the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, services such as data analysis and cloud storage have never been used in various fields one after another. In this era, what we need is extremely fast preview of information transmission speed, High coverage of devices and network connections, highly developed computational and analytical technology to handle large amounts of data, just like our brains.

Internet of things in the world "brain" fantasy

When the world turns into a huge brain

Uniform collection of data from sensors around the world, as well as the establishment of a global scale distributed network between neuronal cells to analyze the data and synthesize the data to perceive our world as a whole, we can get more comprehensive climate prediction results , And can track and coordinate every vehicle on the planet to improve energy efficiency and eliminate traffic jams.

Three major technical obstacles

Essentially, the world's brain is a mega-project of the Internet of Things, the three most important impediments to the IoT project that exist in the world's brain.

One obstacle: collect data

Walking on the road, we can cross the traffic flow coming and going, safely reach our destination, by the brain in an orderly manner to all parts of the body command, command our legs when walking, when to stop, make these instructions The basis is that we visual, auditory and other senses collected data information. The first step in the operation of the brain system in the world is also to collect data. The huge demand for data places high demands on the intelligence and sophistication of sensors. As Internet of Things nodes, these sensors not only need to sense the environment, record data, but also need With the ability to automatically transfer data, these are not the current sensors can do.

Barrier 2: Data Analysis

The rise of cloud computing technology in recent years has pointed out the general direction of distributed computing for the processing of massive data. However, an excellent computing method must also have the support of a processor. At present, the progress of processor computing power is far behind the new data generation Of the speed in the United States, some areas of the disaster weather forecasting and risk assessment have spent supercomputer, if replaced by the world's brain computing scale, even if the processor can now use distributed computing competent, but calculate the results of the cost Time is not what we can afford.

Barrier three: running algorithm

Contact programming people know that the algorithm is the soul of the program, when the data is collected, what method to analyze, analyze the results, and what kind of action and reaction, like the brain of the world as a huge system, If the algorithm is properly chosen, the time and resources saved are incalculable.

The ideal brain algorithm for the world should be an artificial neural network similar to the brain's functioning mechanism, a technology that began many years ago but has been slow to make progress.

In addition to the above three major technical obstacles, it is also an immense challenge that the brain of the world needs to be conceived and closely coordinated with other countries. However, if the technical difficulties can be overcome, at least we can see the realization of the world's brain The dawn.

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