How the aircraft refuels

How does the aircraft refuel? How does the airport transport aviation gasoline? Before saying this question, let's say how much oil an aircraft can add and how much oil an airport needs.

How much more oil is needed for a single aircraft? Xiao Bian has checked it because the size of the fuel tank is different. The amount of fuel is not the same. We often hear that the Boeing 747 is a large aircraft with a full tank of 210,000 litres of oil. This is the Airbus A320. Approximately 90,000 liters of oil are for medium-sized aircraft. The data is probably the same. We use the Boeing 747 as an example. A ton of oil is equal to about 1,355 liters of gasoline, so if you count a Boeing aircraft, you need 154 tons of oil. It can be said that if you don’t know it or not, it’s a shock. So how did this aircraft refuel?  

Below the main apron of the large airport, there are pipelines for oil delivery. The pipelines connect the oil depots and the apron. When the aircraft is refueled, it is sufficient to have a pump truck to pump the oil to the tank of the aircraft. However, not every airport in the country will stop at the Boeing family of planes. It will not be necessary to add so much oil, so many small airports will not be equipped with fuel lines. If you do not have a fuel line, you must use a refuelling vehicle to refuel the aircraft. There are also special circumstances, such as the refueling pipeline for maintenance, the airport will use refueling vehicles to refuel the aircraft.

In small airports we can often see many refuelling vehicles. The most common one is the Dongfeng aircraft refueling vehicle . When the aircraft refuels, the staff will connect the refueling pipe to the refueling port on the wing side to refuel by operating the refueling panel. Like the Dongfeng aircraft refueling truck comes with a fuel pump, you can directly add oil to the aircraft tank. The vehicle is equipped with a 1.8-ton front axle, a 3.5-ton rear axle, direction assistance, air brakes, no break brake, clutch assistance, ABS, front loading, speed limit, 7.00R16 wire tyres. This refuelling car configuration should be quite high.

However, the speed of aircraft refueling vehicles in the airport is not flattering, ah, really slow, it should be the airport to do special requirements to avoid any unexpected circumstances, such as the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, there have been things like refueling vehicles.

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