How to deal with the excrement of the city's suction truck

Urban suction trucks are sanitation vehicles that help clean up excrement in sewers, septic tanks, sewers, etc., and they are also one of the indispensable special vehicles in the city. The main function of the city's suction trucks is to suck manure, but after they draw the manure, they also need to transport it to sewage treatment plants, manure treatment plants, etc., and then deal with the manure. Many people are interested in how the manure is handled. They want to know How it is handled, the following Xiaobian describes relevant knowledge in detail for you.


Fecal disposal method of urban suction truck:

(1) Completely harmless protection treatment. The feces collected by the city's suction trucks will be discharged into the receiving pool of the septic plant. After the screening, the solid waste will be separated into the landfill for disposal, and the liquid sewage will go to the secondary biochemical system. Treatment, as far as the material between the two is directly compressed and digested, then composted, and then produced biogas and other substances for secondary use. After this treatment, any substance in the feces can be effectively treated and meet the national environmental discharge standards. Only this method is relatively costly and difficult to manage. At present, it is not widely used in the domestic circulation.

(2) Combined treatment with urban sewage treatment plants. After solids and liquids are separated from manure collected by the city's suction trucks, the liquids are disposed of by the municipal sewage treatment plant, and solid manure slags are compressed, dewatered, and sent to the landfill for treatment. This model is more common in Guangzhou. The use of large cities such as Shenzhen is relatively large, the processing costs are relatively low, and the management is simple and convenient.

(3) Deal with the municipal solid waste sanitary landfill. The manure collected by the city's suction trucks is subjected to solid-liquid separation. The sewage is directly disposed of by the water treatment system of the municipal solid waste landfill, and the feces residue is transported to the landfill site after dewatering. This type of treatment tends to be more demanding for landfills.

How do the excrement of the city's suction truck come into being? This is how the excrement collected by the city's suction trucks is handled. By these methods, the collected excrement can be safely and effectively handled to ensure that it does not pollute the environment.

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