Heavy Truck Special Vehicle Debuts at the Second China Environmental Sanitation Expo

On November 25-27, the 2nd China Urban Environmental Sanitation New Technology and New Equipment New Process Exposition was held in Jinan. The side-top double-cylinder sewage suction trucks, multi-function sprinklers and carriages produced by CNHTC Jinan Special Vehicle Company were produced. Removable garbage trucks debuted at the show.

Heavy Truck Special Vehicle Debuts at the Second China Environmental Sanitation Expo

The side-deck double-cylinder sewage truck launched by Jinan Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. is the latest generation of products developed on the basis of the research conducted by China National Heavy Duty Truck Full Market for the shipment of industrial hazardous wastes, urban sanitation sewage, and construction sludge. . The product is advanced in design, reasonable in structure, stable in function, and easy to operate, reaching the domestic first level. The use of the Yellow River Marshal chassis, the effective volume of the tank up to 10.8m3, is the largest volume in China, the rated load quality, high transport efficiency; vacuum pump system up to -0.086MPa, ranking the leading domestic level; both sides of the lifting cylinder symmetry Arrangement, tank lifting stable and safe.

Jinan special car company launched a multi-function sprinkler, from the pre-shooting, post-sprinkler, side spray, pressure drainage, self-draining water, high-pressure water gun and snow shovel and other components, with high and low intelligent sound and light alarm. In particular, the ET-HLA optical high-low sound and light intelligent alarm device is mounted on the tank body and can be displayed in the cab, which facilitates observation of the water level during the work process and greatly reduces the labor intensity of the workers. This vehicle has an ordinary sprinkler In addition to the functions, the snow shovel is installed, which is suitable for winter snow removal functions. It achieves a multi-purpose machine and greatly improves the use value of the product.

The appearance of the company's products has attracted many users and experts from the sanitation industry in the country to stop and give a high rating, and many users have reached their purchasing intentions.

Construction Hoist Steel Structure

Construction Hoist Steel Structure means the construction hoist spare parts like Construction Hoist Mast Section, Passenger Hoist Cage, Construction Hoist Wall Tie and so on.

The length of each mast section is 1508mm, the rack is fixed on the mast by three bolts and it can be exchanged. For the single cage hoist there is only one rack on the mast section, and the mast section can be used for the double cages hoist by increasing one rack. The section of the mast is diverse, select one type section according to different hoist. The mast sections are bolted together with M24 bolts and nuts to form mast. The mast is tied to the building with tie-in and is the guide rail of the cage. According to the user`s or circumstance`s request, surface of mast is hot dip galvanized, which can prevent it rusting.

The tie-in(wall tie) is the linked part between mast and building, to keep the stabilization of the mast. Distance between the tie-in is about 6~9m alone the mast. There are several types of tie-in. Select one of them according to need, tie-in can adjust the vertical of mast in definite ranges. According to the user`s or circumstance`s request, surface of the tie-in is hot dip galvanized, which can prevent it rusting.

The cage dimension(L×W×H)(m): 3×1.5×2.5. We can also manufacture cages of other size according to the user`s needs. The material of the cage and the door material can be steel wire weave, aluminum-plastic panel, punched-plate, figured aluminum board or other type according to user`s needs. The gate is equipped with drawing gate,include small turn over gate.

Construction Hoist Mast Section,Construction Elevator Mast Section,Passenger Hoist Cage,Construction Hoist Wall Tie, Construction Hoist Anchorage Frame

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