Forklift driving process precautions and driving rules

When the forklift is in operation, the fork prohibits standing people. If you really need electric forklift assistance personnel to work, should be equipped with a dedicated basket for electric forklift trucks, the fork should be inserted into the dedicated slot under the basket. If high-altitude operations are used for inventory, labeling, etc., when there is no dangerous work, the driver should not leave the electric forklift as far as possible to provide assistance in order to facilitate the timely and convenient; if the maintenance of lighting, pipelines and other work requires the use of metal tools, electric forklift drivers You can choose to wear a safety helmet, sitting in the cab to assist, no one can operate the electric forklift. In principle, electric forklifts are not allowed to overtake vehicles. However, if you want to go beyond a stopped vehicle, you should slow down the number and observe it.


When driving, the height of the lower end of the fork should be maintained at 150-400mm. The mast must be tilted backwards. Do not raise the fork too high when driving; on and off the job site or on the way, should pay attention to whether there are obstacles in the sky; the load is not allowed to rise too high, affecting the stability of the forklift.

When a forklift is driving downhill, it is strictly prohibited to turn off and go on a taxi. In non-special circumstances, it is forbidden to brake suddenly during loading. After unloading, the fork should be lowered to the normal driving position before driving. When turning, if there are pedestrians or vehicles in the vicinity, a driving signal should be issued first. High-speed sharp turns are prohibited. High-speed sharp turns will cause the vehicle to lose lateral stability and tip over.

When the forklift is in operation, it must obey the traffic rules in the factory and must maintain a certain safety distance from the vehicles in front. When passing through the workshop entrance and intersection, it should be a slow, two-view, three-pass; when stepping on the accelerator pedal, it should be done Lightly step on, lift up, and do not suddenly step on or off continuously; when the forklift is running, the load must be in the lowest position that does not impede driving, and the mast should be tilted properly. In addition to stacking or loading, you must not increase the load. The cargo height must not obstruct the driver's line of sight. When a special situation item affects the front line of sight, it must travel at low speed when reversing.

It is forbidden to make a turn on a slope, and it is forbidden to perform lifting and tilting operations during driving. The safe speed of the forklift factory is 5 km/h, and it must be safely driven at low speed when entering the workshop area. When lifting or moving the forklift, it is forbidden for the personnel to stand on the fork to hold the items and balance the items. Find problems in a timely manner to repair and report, not sick homework and concealment is not reported.

The above is a summary of the forklift's attention to the next detailed points, I hope you read carefully.

1. Before driving, the driver should first inspect and clean the site and passage to make it suitable for forklift operations and driving; when starting , it is necessary to close the emergency switch, open the electric lock, and then pull the position of the direction switch, and the number, and then Slow start and gradually accelerate, prohibit the rapid start of the speed pedal to prevent starting current is too large and burn out the motor;

2, when driving, should be gradually accelerated, not allowed to run at low speed for a long time; meeting, let the car should be empty to let the heavy car;

3, It is forbidden to move the direction switch while driving, only after the car stops. Can switch the direction switch to change. Emergency braking should be avoided as much as possible. In case of emergency, the knife switch should be pulled down quickly, and the brake pedal should be depressed to stop immediately;

4, to start horn horn when turning, turning, downhill, uneven road or through a narrow passage, slow down, pay attention to safety;

5, when driving on the road, it is necessary to pass the right side, the forklift goods should be about 100 ~ 200mm away from the ground, the gantry in the backward position; when the two vehicles driving in the same direction, before and after should maintain a distance of 2m or more;

When multiple forklifts are traveling on the platform, the distance between the front and back shall be more than 5m. When they are in the same direction on the narrower platforms, they shall be prohibited from parallel and shall be 0.3m above the platform edge;

6. When the forklift tow a trailer, it is forbidden to run on a continuous curve to avoid large current discharge and affect safety. No matter whether it is full load, no-load, uphill, or downhill, it is forbidden to drive in reverse. When turning, it should be slowed down to avoid cargo falling. Pay attention to the inner wheel difference to prevent the trailer from scratching the inside or driving out of the road;

Under normal circumstances, the battery forklift running motor and pump motor are prohibited to work at the same time to extend the battery life;

7, when the working voltage is lower than the minimum limit voltage of the vehicle, it should stop working and charge in time;

If abnormal phenomena are found during driving, the vehicle should be immediately stopped and checked, and faults should be promptly eliminated; the forklift should not be allowed to carry people and trailers; no faulty driving is allowed.

The above is a note about the forklift.

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