A car rental debut 2015 China Driving Conference

On March 6, the 2015 China Self-Driving Conference sponsored by Aika Media was held in Shanghai International Fashion Center. As a sole official car and strategic partner of the conference, Car Rental also made its debut at the event to help the smooth running of the China Self-Drive Travel Conference 2015 and bring the two peaks of new energy vehicles – the BMW i8 and Tesla made the new concept of “green driving” more familiar to the public.

This session of the General Assembly, in the face of 300 million users, 1.9 billion person trips, and nearly a trillion market size constitutes China's self-driving tour industry, comes from the industry sector in the Three Realms, throughout the tourism, automotive, aftermarket, Internet, entertainment, media, investment, marketing, etc. The industry elites from all fields gathered together to participate in the 2014 China Self-driving Tour Route Selection. The 36 annual tour resource management and route design team representatives witnessed the 2014 “China Academy Award” announced by the China Self-drive Tour Industry, revealing the trend and innovation of China’s self-driving tour. ;To jointly create and experience the products of the ultimate route, and explore the impact and business opportunities of sharing the economy.

Self-driving tour industry involves a wide range of users how to play, how to play, how companies build business models, how to drive the product line of self-drive, has become a concern of everyone. This conference gathers wisdom and resources from various sectors such as automobile, tourism, internet, finance, media, entertainment, marketing, etc., sharing and sharing self-driving tour, which is involved in hundreds of millions of users, from the three dimensions of trend strategy, product experience and investment marketing. industry.

In recent years, the automobile sharing economy is gradually overturning the concept of self-driving travel of private cars. In the afternoon of the second session of China Self-drive Travel Summit, Cai Lihong, a vice president of car rental, shared the concept of green driving and environmental protection. Mr. Cai Lihong analyzed the development of domestic self-driving tour market through the first-line market data of car rental, and he believes that the development of the car rental industry is sufficient to support the development of domestic self-drive tour market. The future self-driving tour will gradually become the mainstream. “In addition, the awareness of environmental protection will continue to increase in various scenic spots and tourist cities in the future. The first-to-market new energy car rental business in the industry can satisfy this demand and realize the vision of green driving.”

At the conference, Mr. Meng Rui, Vice President of the Kunming Branch of the China Tourism Research Institute, and the iResearch Co., Ltd. jointly issued the “2014 China Self-Directed Travel Route Selection Report”, explaining in a simple and simple way the China’s self-driving tour revealed by the route selection. New trends in users and industries.

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