Valve model preparation knowledge

Valve type should usually indicate the valve type, drive mode, connection form, structural features, sealing surface material, body material and nominal pressure and other factors. The standardization of the valve model of the valve design, selection, sales provided a convenient. Valve type and material more and more today, the valve model is also more and more complex. Although China has a unified standard valve model, but more and can not adapt to the needs of the development of the valve industry. At present, the valve manufacturer generally uses a uniform numbering method; where a uniform numbering method can not be adopted, all the manufacturing plants formulate a numbering method according to their own needs. "Valve model preparation method" for industrial pipe valve, throttle, ball valve, butterfly valve, diaphragm valve, plunger valve, plug valve, check valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, steam trap. It includes the valve model and valve name. More Keywords Search: Valve

Polishing Industrial Robot

Robot has been used widely in modern industry. With the deeply urge for automation in polishing field, robot has been a smart mehtod to realize grinding automation. Our active contact flange connects with robot, can work in grinding polishing sanding, high working efficiency, low cost and cleaning working environment. More and more manufacturers choose this method to realize automation reform. So this method has been used in metal,plastics,acrylic, wood, compound material processing in 3c, household sanitary ware, auto parts, transportation tools etc.

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