Analysis of the utility of single screw air compressor in coal mine

In 2004, Ruiping Company's Pishan Mine purchased three SRC-180A single-screw air compressors produced by Shanghai Schneider Group. After three years of operation, the equipment is safe and reliable, simple to operate, less faults, small maintenance, maintenance. Convenient, well adapted to the needs of coal mine production, and achieved good economic benefits. This article gives a brief introduction to the application of single-screw air compressors.

1 SRC single screw air compressor

1. 1 Introduction

Single-screw air compressor, also known as worm air compressor, has been widely used due to its unique advantages in structure, mechanics and reliability. It has a series of advantages such as simple structure, reliable operation, low noise and small volume. As a strategic product in the 21st century.

1. 2 SRC single screw air compressor and L type air compressor

Stress balance analysis: Single screw air compressor should pay attention to the operation dynamics during operation. Record the operation and keep a record of voltage, current, air pressure, exhaust temperature and oil level every two hours for future maintenance. Reference. Comparing the force of the SRC single-screw air compressor with the L-type air compressor, it can be seen that the force of the single-screw air compressor is completely balanced, while the force of the L-type air compressor is unbalanced. Therefore, the single-screw air compressor bearing has long life and long machine life.

Structure and principle analysis: The single-screw air compressor has good force balance and small bearing load. The meshing of the star wheel and the screw during the load operation is due to the sliding friction force of the lubricating oil. In fact, it does not touch, so the wear is very small. The life is very long. The range of displacement of this series is 3 45 m 3 /m in. The efficiency and noise are better than other rotary air compressors of the same kind. At the same time, there are 6 spiral grooves on the screw. The two star wheel assemblies are configured to separate each screw groove into two upper and lower spaces, each of which realizes the process of suction, compression and exhaust. Therefore, the single screw air compressor is equivalent to a six-cylinder double-acting reciprocating type. Air compressor, the screw produces 12 compression cycles per revolution, up to 36 000 exhausts per minute, and provides stable and pulsating compressed air, fully demonstrating the rationality and advanced structure of the single screw air compressor. Sex.

The single-screw air compressor is mainly composed of a cylindrical screw and two symmetrically arranged planar star wheels, which are assembled in the casing. The screw spiral groove, the casing, the inner wall and the star wheel form a closed element volume. When the compressor is running, the screw drives the star gear to slide relative to each other in the screw groove (zero stress), and the star wheel moves, the closed The volume of the element changes, and the air is mixed with the injected lubricating oil. When the designed exhaust pressure value is reached, the triangle port is opened by two radial symmetrical positions on the casing, and is discharged to the oil separator through the check valve. Internal oil and gas separation.

Analysis of working process: Inhalation process. The gas enters the rotor slot through the suction port. As the rotor rotates, the star wheel enters the state of meshing with the rotor slot, and the gas is sucked into the airtight surface formed by the rotor groove surface, the casing and the star tooth surface. Space, ie compression chamber; compression process. After the end of the inhalation process, the screw continues to rotate. As the teeth of the star wheel advance along the screw slot, the compression chamber begins to shrink, and the gas compression process is achieved until the leading edge of the compression is turned to the exhaust port; After the leading edge of the compression chamber is turned to the exhaust port, the exhaust is started until the compression chamber completely passes through the exhaust port to complete a working cycle. Since the two star wheels are symmetrically arranged on both sides of the rotor, this cycle occurs twice every revolution of the rotor, that is, the displacement of the unit is twice that of the above-mentioned one cycle.

2 Advantages of SRC-180A single screw air compressor

2. 1 Simple installation and low installation investment

The ambient temperature of the SRC single-screw air compressor installation site is higher than 5% in winter and less than 40% in summer. Compared with the L-type air compressor, the single-screw air compressor is compact, including the motor and the mainframe. 2 300 mm 1 600 mm 2 000 mm, small size, greatly saving installation space; SRC single screw air compressor has low vibration during operation, the equipment can be directly placed on the concrete floor without pouring foundation; low noise, installation workshop is not Special soundproofing facilities need to be installed; the operating temperature of the equipment is low, the fan is cooled by cooling, and the water cooling system is not needed. The cooling water pump, cooling water tower, cooling pool, water softening system and other cooling facilities commonly used in L-type air compressors are omitted. The investment has simplified the process.

2. 2 intelligent control, unattended

SRC single-screw air compressor adopts intelligent liquid crystal display control panel, personalized design, providing customers with Chinese/English interface. It is easy to set up, clearly shows the operating status of the unit, and reminds users to carry out various maintenance and maintenance work. Using Schneider Electric components as the control core, the work is safe and reliable, the data interface is reserved, the user can realize the central control and remote control, and the fully automatic protection function can realize the unattended automatic operation for 24 hours.

2. 3 Small maintenance and low maintenance costs

The SRC single-screw air compressor has a small amount of maintenance and generally does not require maintenance. Generally, three L-type air compressors need to be equipped with at least two full-time maintenance workers. If the monthly salary of each maintenance worker is 1,200 yuan, then one year. It costs nearly 30,000 yuan in salary. SRC single screw air compressors can also save this part of the cost.

SRC single-screw air compressor only needs to check the oil level, oil temperature, unloading and load pressure of the air compressor every day; only need to check the oil leakage every month, the oil filter separator resistance; clean the oil filter every 3 months The filter and air filter cartridges are replaced once a year (about 5 000 h), and the special lubricants are replaced once a year (more than 5,000 h). The number of each replacement is 4 barrels, 18 liters per barrel, or 72 liters. What maintenance costs are required, and the lubricating oil in operation is re-used after being separated by oil and gas in the machine. It is almost unnecessary to add lubricating oil every month.

2. 4 Automatic loading, unloading, saving energy

SRC single screw air compressor When the exhaust pressure exceeds the rated pressure (unloading pressure), the pressure controller contact opens, the solenoid valve is de-energized, the intake valve is closed, the electromagnetic vent valve is vented, the minimum pressure valve is closed, and the air compressor is at In the unloaded state, the motor automatically stops and stops. If the unloading condition is within the set delay time (not less than 4 m in) and the exhaust pressure drops to the load pressure of the pressure controller, the air compressor will resume operation to the load state. If the delay time is exceeded and the exhaust pressure is still higher than the load pressure, the motor will automatically stop and stop, and the unloading indicator will light. When the exhaust pressure drops to the load pressure, under the control of the pressure controller, the motor starts automatically, and the air compressor starts to supply air under normal operation.

It can be seen that the motor can start and stop according to the unloading condition of the air compressor, which greatly saves energy.

3 Conclusion

Through the above analysis of the SRC single-screw air compressor, the SRC single-screw air compressor is a relatively advanced technical equipment, with low energy consumption, low noise, high work efficiency and reliable operation. The application in the Pishan Coal Mine proves that it is superior to the previous L-type air compressor in terms of technical performance and economy. It can be well integrated with the actual coal mine, adapt to coal mine production, and bring to the coal mine production. Many conveniences are worth promoting and using in coal mine production.

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