Anhui four kinds of filter filter is not included in the black list

On July 12, Anhui Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision announced the provincial supervision and spot checks of filter products in the second quarter of 2010. This time, 60 samples were collected from the three cities of Handan, Hefei, and Wuhu, and 51 of them passed the inspection. The sampling qualification rate was 85%. Among them, 4 products of Handan City were rejected due to the “primary filtration efficiency” indicator. Into the quality "black list."

Air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters are commonly referred to as "three filters," and their quality has a major impact on the life of automotive engines. The enterprises and products that have been criticized in the inspection are: diesel filter manufactured by Handan Zhengzheng Filter Co., Ltd., specification “CX0710”; production and specifications of the Shengfa Filter Factory of Handan City are “ K1822” air filter cartridge; air filter cartridge manufactured by SAIC Zhongyuan Filter Factory, specification “K2136”; air produced by Handan Dacheng Filter Manufacturing Co., Ltd., specification “K2025” Filter element.

The original filtration efficiency is an important indicator of the quality of the filter. The filter is originally used to filter out harmful impurities, so that the engine can work properly under various conditions and can achieve the required service life. The products with unsatisfactory primary filtration efficiency cannot effectively remove dust and impurities that are harmful to the engine when used. This can cause early wear and tear on the engine of the motor vehicle, reduce the service life, and endanger the engine and even cause accidents.

Slewing Controller

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