The first phase project of 350,000 tons of glass fiber in Jushi Group is put into operation

On July 11th, the first phase project of the 350,000 t/y glass fiber production base of Jiujiang Branch of Jiushi Group was put into production, marking that the annual production capacity of Jiushi Branch of Jushi Group has been increased from 80,000 tons to 170,000 tons.
According to reports, the total investment of the 350,000-ton glass fiber production base of Jiushi Group Jiujiang Co., Ltd. is 4.73 billion yuan, and the total construction area is 260,000 square meters. After reaching the standard, the annual sales revenue is expected to exceed 2 billion yuan, and tax revenue will be 200 million yuan.
The project was constructed in two phases. The first-phase glass fiber production line with an annual output of 170,000 tons has been fully put into production. It plans to start the construction of the second phase of the project within the year and strives to complete the construction of the project in 2012 to reach a capacity of 350,000 tons.
It is understood that Jushi Group is a leading company in China's glass fiber industry and is the world's largest professional manufacturer of glass fiber. There are more than 20 kinds of products and nearly 500 varieties. In 2008, the company achieved the world's largest glass fiber output, mainly producing alkali, E-glass fiber and its products.

Aluminum Deep Drawing Sheet

Aluminum Deep Drawing Sheet is a kind of Aluminum Sheet suitable for deep drawing process.It has wide applications.The advantage of aluminum deep drawing sheet is as follows:

1. Easy to process.
The results show that the casting aluminum alloy with good casting property or deformation aluminum alloy with good processing plasticity can be obtained by adding certain Ba Au Du element.
2. Good conductivity and thermal conductivity.
The electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum is second only to silver, copper and gold.
3. The density is small.
The density of aluminum and aluminum alloy is close to 2.7 g / about 1 / 3 of that of iron or copper.
4. High strength.
The strength of aluminum and aluminum alloy is high. The matrix strength can be strengthened by cold working to a certain extent, and some brands of aluminum alloy can also be strengthened by heat treatment.
5. Good corrosion resistance.
The surface of aluminum is easy to produce a dense and firm protective film of Al2O3, which can protect the substrate from corrosion.

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