India strengthens the review of Chinese raw material drug company registration

Recently, the Indian medicine control department pointed out that the Indian government will strengthen the review of raw material medicine companies from China. In June, India had cancelled the registration applications of 10 Chinese raw material medicine companies.
Surinder Singh, a drug control department official, said that at present, many registrations from Chinese companies are still in the process of deliberation. The department conducted investigations on 350 to 400 registered Chinese companies.
In June 2010, India cancelled the registration application of 10 Chinese pharmaceutical companies. The Indian government believes that these companies lack relevant standards for compulsory pharmaceutical production. The drug regulatory agency said that it is currently reviewing the existing licenses of Chinese companies and will soon dispatch drug inspection personnel to check their authenticity.

Cocoa Peeling Machine

Best Selling Cocoa Bean Winnower Machine:

This cocoa winnower is made of full 304 stainless steel.

Our cocoa peeling machine is developed by years experiences. This cocoa peeler machine is the ideal equipment for processing cocoa beans, peanuts, with a high degree of automation, low noise, no pollution and other advantages. You can is adjust the distance of two roller. If distance is long, the final nibs is bigger; if distance is short, the final nibs is smaller.

Structure and working principle:
This machine is composed of peeling rollers, fans, and specific gravity sorting parts, with simple and compact structure, easy operation, stable performance, safety and reliability.
Working principle: Cocoa beans are fed, uniformly fed in the hopper, and peeled by rollers, then the ventilator sucks the peeled skins to the outside of the machine by wind for storage, and the peeled cocoa kernels pass through the material When the material is discharged from the mouth, by adjusting the size of the wind force and the size of the peeling gap, all the peels and kernels can be separated.


1. Before operation, check whether the transmission parts are loose, and remove any abnormal noise in time.
2. After the check is normal, turn on the fan first, and then turn on the rubbing roller. The opposite is true when shutting down.
3. Bake or bake the ingredients slightly before rubbing half of the ingredients, just rub the skin off with your fingers.
4. Start the suction fan to adjust the size of the air door of the suction duct according to the wind force, so that the thin skin can be sucked, but the nuts can not be sucked.
5. The size of the raw material particles is different, and the size of the rubbing gap should be adjusted at any time. The gap between the raw material particle size is large, and vice versa.
6. There are two adjusting handles in front of the roller to control the adjustment gap. The gap between forward rotation is large and the gap between reverse rotation is small.
7. After trial rubbing with a small amount of raw materials, adjust the gap after seeing the effect of rubbing the pieces of material
8. After using for a period of time, check whether the transmission parts and circuits are in good condition, and clean the dirt in time to avoid affecting normal use.

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