Great Wall Lubricants Business Continued to Rapidly Increase Attention

Sinopec Lubricants Corporation fully promoted structural adjustments and changes in growth patterns, strengthened internal management, improved the overall quality of operations, and accelerated the pace of international development of enterprises. The success of domestic and foreign markets was frequently reported.

At present, Great Wall Lubricants' OEM cooperation rate with domestic key auto manufacturers has reached more than 65%, and cooperation in metallurgy, electric power and other industries has also rapidly expanded. Throughout the year, OEM sales completed 100%, and sales of industrial oil customers completed 130%. Create "high-tech, high-quality, international" brand.

In recent years, the competition in the lubricants market has intensified. Sinopec Lubricants Company prioritized production and resource guarantees, focused on high-grade oil, optimized product structure, vigorously developed terminals, and increased sales volume, and gradually formed a lubricant marketing model that suited the market and featured Sinopec.

Great Wall Lubricants strengthens the interaction with consumers and the public and further establishes the social affinity and influence of “Sinopec” and “Great Wall Lubricants”. In close cooperation with “Olympic Marketing”, we launched a series of activities such as “Great Wall Lubricants Run in 2008” and achieved successful brand communication.

Seize the opportunity of the successful exploration of the moon and promote the development of core technologies such as aerospace lubricants. The company invited aerospace experts to jointly discuss and formulate aerospace lubrication technology development plan, and jointly established the "Aerospace Lubrication Technology Joint Laboratory" with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to jointly carry out research and promotion of space lubrication technology. At the same time, it increased the research and development of independent technologies and won four important international technical certifications and nearly 40 domestic technical certifications throughout the year, maintaining and improving the technical advantages in the application field.

Implemented a new international strategy for Sinopec Lubricants brand, and achieved remarkable results in international market development. SIONPEC's products have successfully taken off in Singapore to realize the role of China's lubricants in the international market from "Made in China" to "Chinese Brand", and to disseminate Sinopec's business philosophy overseas, establish a brand image of Sinopec, and strengthen SINOPEC lubricants in Asia Pacific. Regional market supply capacity. Lubricant Subsidiaries continue to standardize management and promote specialization reforms while expanding the market, laying the foundation for the company's vigorous efforts to promote professional operation and international development in the future, and also enabling the company to maintain a strong development force.

Spring Cone Crusher

Spring Cone Crusher
Compared with Jaw Crusher, spring cone crusher has the advantage of low operation costs, high productivity, easy adjustment and stable structure. Cone Crusher can be used for secondary and fine crushing of hard and medium hard mineral stone, such as iron ore, copper ore, quartz, granite, basalt and dolerite, etc. The spring safety system of spring cone crusher serves as an overloading protection system that keeps cone crusher from metal damage. The dry oil and water sealing form of safety system is adopted to make plaster powder and engine oil separate to guarantee reliable performance.

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