The four points should be followed in the healthy development of the energy industry

During the panel discussion during the two sessions, Ma Fucai, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the National Energy Leadership Group Office, pointed out that in the future, China’s energy demand will continue to grow rapidly, and energy production and consumption will face enormous environmental pressure. To this end, he proposed to take four measures to promote the development of China's energy industry.

It is understood that in 2007, China's total energy consumption was 2.65 billion tons of standard coal, an increase of 7.8% over the previous year. Among them, coal consumption was 2.58 billion tons, an increase of 7.9%; crude oil consumption was 340 million tons, an increase of 6.3%; natural gas consumption was 67.3 billion cubic meters, an increase of 19.9%; and electricity consumption was 3,232 billion kwh, an increase of 14.1%. It is expected that by 2020, China's total energy demand will reach about 4.4 billion tons, an average annual increase of 4.6%.

Ma Fucai believes that in order to promote the coordinated development of energy and economic society, we must strive to achieve the following four aspects: First, we must unswervingly implement the energy conservation priority strategy. We must increase the implementation of energy-saving policies and measures, strengthen industrial restructuring, and strengthen energy management. Second, we must promote the diversification of energy sources. We must strengthen the exploration and development of fossil energy, accelerate the development of hydropower and nuclear power, actively develop renewable energy, and strengthen the research and development of new and alternative energy sources. Third, we must protect the environment and promote sustainable development. It is necessary to improve the energy laws, regulations and standards system, focus on the promotion of cleaner production and clean recycling of coal, improve the level of energy security production, and protect the ecological environment. Fourth, we must strengthen international cooperation and collaborate to ensure energy security. We must consider our country's energy security in the overall pattern of global energy security, consider the establishment of a new energy security concept, and promote all-round international energy cooperation.

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