Ankai's bus "Shenzhen" is a new standard and industry predators surfaced

2007 World Bus Expo Asia Exhibition was grandly opened in Shanghai on March 8th. Domestic and foreign passenger car companies brought their latest products to the exhibition. Ankai bus also took its three luxury models to Shanghai. However, this time, Ankai was not only the protagonist of the show car, “Proudence 400”. Ankai's new logo debut became the focus of media and public attention. As a large-scale enterprise that produces high-end, mid-range, large- and medium-sized luxury passenger cars and passenger cars at the national level, Ankai has maintained its position as the “first echelon” for many years in the industry, silently cultivating the miracle of one bus industry, but it always gives To be steady, unassuming impression. The Anke high-profile announcement of the opening of the new vehicle standard has also triggered the industry's "unwillingness to be loneliness" for this veteran bus company. In today's rapid growth of the bus market in our country, "Let's come forward" to seek greater market space associations.

The new car standard debuted in Shanghai An Kai 2008 strategic test water

On March 11, at the 2008 World Bus Expo Asia Exhibition Media Day in Shanghai, the luxury passenger car manufacturer Ankai Bus officially announced to the attending news media and audiences the new VI image of Ankai Bus. The image of the new VI consists of an ellipse and two letters within the ellipse, where K is a symbol of the German Kaiser Bauer, which shows the pure German lineage of the Ankai bus. Compared with the image of the old VI, the image of the new VI is more refreshing to read. The overall shape integrates three-dimensionality, line feeling and metal feeling. It looks stylish, thick and heavy, not only blends the elegant temperament of the Oriental culture, but also shows more internationalization. The courage and heritage of the people can be correctly identified by both Chinese and foreigners.

For automobiles, the logo is synonymous with the brand and the production company. The refined and condensed symbol “records” the history of the company's development and vividly reflects the style and temperament of the company. Therefore, the change in the vehicle standard is often the "vane indicator" of the company's major strategic changes. Looking back at the history of the 100-year history of the global automotive industry, we can almost find traces of the changes in the logo. If the Mercedes Benz logo from the original golden trident star to today's silver trident, after several generations represents the direction of the development of Mercedes-Benz land, air and sea, this time at the 2008 World Bus Expo Asia Exhibition, domestic The passenger car industry leader Ankai Bus announced its latest logo under global focus. It is the "water test action" of Ankai's 2008 comprehensive development strategic plan.

In this regard, the person in charge of the Ankai bus stated that the image of the new VI is an important step in the implementation of the internationalization strategy of Ankai Bus, and it also marks that Ankai Bus has formally established a brand new position - the pilot of the Chinese bus industry. Looking back at the history of Ankai, after fully launching the technical cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Group EVOBUS in 1993, Ankai introduced the world's most advanced technology for manufacturing all-overload passenger cars, creating a precedent for high-end luxury passenger cars in China and successfully riding on the top-grade luxury passenger cars in China. The first spot. After more than 10 years of market verification, Ankai's introduction of China's "all-carrying body" has become the "popular vanguard" of today's passenger car manufacturing. Therefore, some media have pointed out that this change of mark is likely to be Anke integrated resources and improve products. Layout and brave participation in a series of large-scale adjustment strategic plans such as international and domestic competition.

Of course, the current domestic large and medium-sized luxury passenger car market can be described as master gathered, they include young Neoplan, Suzhou Golden Dragon, Yutong and other brands. So, what are the unique skills of Ankai bus and dare to position itself as a pilot of the Chinese bus industry?

Pilotage comes from the foundation Leading from strength

“There is no long-handed man who does not dare to go to the East China Sea.” Leading technology and excellent quality provide a solid backing for Ankai. Since 1993, Ankai has started technical cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Group EVOBUS. At the beginning, Ankai introduced the advanced technology of the German Mercedes-Benz Group EVOBUS, developed and produced the Ankai. SETRA luxury passenger car, this model represents the latest level of world bus development at that time, and was rated by the Ministry of Communications as the first large third grade. bus. Wrote the history of high-end luxury passenger cars from scratch in China, and people in the industry hailed it as the realization of the evolution of passenger cars in China. In terms of craftsmanship, Ankai SETRA passenger car adhering to the concept of Mercedes-Benz cars, build passenger cars with aviation standards, greatly enhance the luxury of passenger cars, called the "Benz in the bus." Here is a reference to SETRA, which is an abbreviation of SELBSTTRAGEND, which means full load bearing technology. SETRA is also the passenger car brand of German Kasbauer (Benz Group EVOBUS), which pioneered the modern luxury passenger car.

In the past ten years, Ankai has extensively carried out international technical cooperation and deep digging in the domestic market. Today, Ankai not only cooperates with Mercedes-Benz and exclusively uses the SETRA brand in China. It continues to maintain the vanguard status of international luxury passenger cars. It also makes use of its own advantages in the familiarity with the Chinese market and continues to innovate. It has developed one generation after another to meet the characteristics of the Chinese passenger car market and The new products that meet the unique aesthetic requirements of Chinese customers have won praise from the market and users.

The safety performance of Ankai Bus is even higher. In 2005, Ankai took the lead in completing the rollover test of a domestic large-sized passenger car, and was praised as the “first turn” of a domestic passenger car due to its excellent performance. In terms of quality, Ankai achieved a top-level record of 4.1 million kilometers without major overhaul, far ahead of its domestic counterparts.

Of course, hidden behind many awards is the leading concept of Ankai. It is the first company in China that has learned the broad application prospects of the “all-carrying” car body and introduced it into the bus industry. At the same time, it also carries out fuel cell city buses and diesel-electric hybrid cities that are at the forefront of technological level in the world. The research and development of passenger cars is in line with the current theme of “energy conservation and emission reduction” advocated by the state and the general trend of new energy vehicles being promoted worldwide. It is no wonder that people in the industry like this: Ankai is not only a product, a technology, and a development, but also a leader in philosophy.

Global attack to create an industry giant

"Quality casts glory." The above-mentioned excellent qualities make Ankai Bus a veritable "pilot of the Chinese bus industry." This point can also be seen from the sales volume, both in the domestic and international markets, the market share of Ankai bus is rapidly increasing. Recently, after a British bus company signed an agreement with Ankai to purchase 20 city tour buses, Iran signed a contract with Ankai to purchase 600 Ankai city buses; at home, Hainan, Guizhou, Hong Kong, etc. The companies in the area have also issued orders for car purchases or purchase intentions to Ankai buses. The trend of Ankai bus piloting the Chinese bus industry is gradually taking shape.

According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2007, domestic commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles achieved the first rapid and synchronous growth since the accession to the WTO. According to expert analysis, the demand amplification effect brought by sustained economic growth has begun to appear, and the demand for large and medium-sized luxury passenger cars will gradually increase. The release of this new VI shows that Ankai is aware of the potential market opportunities, stepping up the pace to enrich the product line and at the same time looking further into the future. After the opening of the new VI image, the brand image of Ankai Buses will be more clear, the enterprise positioning will be more accurate, and the comprehensive competitiveness will be further enhanced. This will surely trigger the chain reaction of Ankai Bus in terms of production, sales, operation and service, and will affect The competitive landscape of China's passenger car market and even the international passenger car market.

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