Fire protection coating construction site safety measures six

The major risk factors for the fire protection coating project are generally: mechanical damage, object strike, and high altitude crash.
(1) Labor protection measures for employees
1. All employees must receive education and training on labor safety and health knowledge in accordance with the regulations before entering the venue. If necessary, they must take the examination, keep the education and training assessment records, and sign a safety agreement with the project department.
2. When employees enter the construction site, they must wear and use labor protection articles and equipment as required, and properly use and maintain the equipment and facilities.
3. The person responsible for environmental safety assists the operator in the inspection of the main safety equipment before use. Ensure that protective equipment is intact, solid and reliable, and accessories are complete. In particular, leakage protection devices, etc., should be inspected for valid inspection and verification certificates, confirming their reliable and safe actions.
4. All operating personnel should be familiar with the use and maintenance methods of related safety protection products. The person in charge of environmental safety patrols the use of safety equipment and finds that the problem is immediately corrected.
5. Safety protection of openings and edges: All openings and edges on the construction site must be equipped with guardrails and enclosures in accordance with the specified requirements. The height, density, and firmness of the guardrails and enclosures should conform to the standards (norms). Requirements, put an end to falling and wounding.
6. Safety at work at heights: Employees engaged in high-altitude operations must wear safety belts in accordance with regulations; ladders should be equipped with anti-slip mats; workers must go up on ladders; special protection should be provided under the escalator; Pull rope to protect; aerial platforms must be tied and strong.
(II) Safety Management Measures
1. The electrical workers at the construction site must be staffed by professionals who have been professionally trained, qualified for examination, and hold special electrical operation certificates.
2. Temporary power supply for construction should use well-insulated cables, and must not touch wet ground. Cables should be protected by steel sleeves if crossing the road.
3. All electrical equipment must ensure that the wiring is correct, ensure zero or good grounding, especially mobile appliances must be grounded or zero protection.
4. The power supply for construction must use three-phase and five-wire power supply. The construction power must be set up according to the standard. The distribution box (cabinet, plate) must be equipped with the circuit breakers and leakage protection devices that meet the specified requirements. The cable (line) cross-sectional area should be To meet the power load requirements, line laying should meet the specification requirements.
5. Adhere to "one machine and one brake", and it is forbidden to pull the power out of order.
6. Live working personnel must use effective insulation and protective equipment and provide special personnel protection. At the same time, they should be accompanied by "signage forbidden to close, someone to work for".
7. Use power tools If you must work in a wet place or on a metal structure, wear insulated shoes and insulated gloves.
(III) Safety Management of Construction Equipment
1. In strict accordance with the requirements of the equipment operation regulations, the use of mechanical equipment is required to prevent personal injury accidents such as electric shocks, blows, and collisions.
2. All mechanical equipment entering the project site should be kept intact. The project department checks the use performance, environmental conditions, safety devices, and operator qualifications of the incoming machinery and can use it only after passing the inspection. Mechanical operators must establish a post responsibility system and hold certificates.
3. All kinds of construction machinery must be managed by special personnel, strictly follow the safety operation rules of the machinery, and carry out regular maintenance and inspection to keep the construction machinery in good condition.
4. Before the start-up of the construction machine, check whether the ground foundation is stable, whether the parts of the rotating part are fully lubricated, and whether the brakes and clutches are flexible. It must be checked and confirmed before starting.
5. The electrical equipment and lines on the construction site must have full-time maintenance and management of certified electricians.
6. When the construction machinery is in operation, if there are abnormal noises, heat or other faults, stop immediately and cut off the power supply before proceeding with inspections.
(d) Safety and fire safety
1. The construction of hot work should strictly implement the fire permit system, so that "three not fire", that is, there is no approved fire permit does not move, no fire protection measures do not move, no fire protection people do not move.
2. The on-site fire-fighting facilities must remain intact and in stand-by condition. When using flammable and explosive devices such as oxygen, acetylene gas, etc., the site should be equipped with a certain amount of dry powder, foam and other fire extinguishers.
3. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the construction site.
(5) Safety Management at Height
1. At the construction site, each person must abide by Party A's rules and regulations and safety measures.
2. At the construction site, each person must wear a safety helmet.
3. Scaffoldings, protective facilities, safety signs and warning signs on the construction site shall not be tampered with, and if necessary, permission of the person responsible for construction shall be obtained.
4. Wear safety helmets and fasten your seat belts when working at heights.
5. Aerial work should not be carried out cross-cuttingly. If it is necessary to work under the same vertical conditions because of construction procedures, reliable isolation and prevention measures must be taken.
6. When working at a place adjacent to a live conductor, the aerial worker must maintain a safe distance from the live conductor in accordance with the relevant provisions of the electrical safety work.
7. The work at a height must be a safety rope, and the safety rope used should be in compliance with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Labor. Protective rope hooks should be hung on the framework, pipe racks and relatively strong pillars.
8. It is forbidden to wear hard bottom shoes with nails and slippery shoes when working at heights.
9. Materials used for aerial work should be stacked smoothly, tools should be placed in the tool bag, and items should be thrown up and down.
10. Ladders must not be used in the absence of a ladder. When used, the upper end should be firmly secured. The lower end should be equipped with anti-skid measures. For long-term use, it must be firmly tied.
11. Scaffolds should be inspected before use every day. They can be used only after passing the inspection. They should also be checked from time to time during use.
12. Scaffolding should be removed from the top to the bottom in the order in which it is removed.
13. The materials, such as planks, which are removed from the angle iron pipe, shall be conveyed downwards or suspended with ropes, and shall not be thrown down.
14. Electrical equipment is provided by a dedicated electrician for installation, use, and maintenance. Personnel who do not understand electric use are strictly prohibited from using and playing with electrical equipment.
(VI) Emergency Disposal
1. Potential accidents in this project include: accidents at work, fires, and equipment accidents. There may be casualties such as falling, objects hitting, electric shocks, and mechanical injuries.
2. Emergency plan for fire and explosion accidents:
a. All accidents on site shall be immediately put out by the construction personnel and fire alarms when necessary. Dial 119 fire alarm.
b. When the fire is in the initial stage, use sand, water, fire extinguisher, etc. to extinguish the fire.
c. A "119" alarm shall be called immediately when a fire occurs, and at the same time, the relevant unit leader shall be informed at the same time to calmly and calmly address the fire unit address, telephone number and fire situation, and send someone to the road junction to pick up the fire engine. Assisting the fire department in extinguishing the fire.
d. Deal with fires and explosions to achieve the first priority and general priority. Priority should be given to salvaging materials and personnel that are related to the overall situation or life. Fire isolation work must be done to prevent the spread of fire.
e. Rescue and disaster relief shall be based on the principle of saving people first. If any person is injured, call the 120 emergency call in time, or send the injured team to the nearest hospital for treatment.
f. Maintaining order, irrelevant personnel immediately withdraw from the danger zone to the safe area.
3. When food poisoning and sudden epidemic accidents occur, you should promptly dial 120 emergency telephones to prohibit personnel from moving and wait for rescue.
4. In the event of a high-altitude drop, object strike, or mechanical injury accident, first, we must first save people, and quickly rescue the injured and call the 120 emergency call in time.

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