Common faults and solutions for impact crushers

There are many common faults in the impact crusher , so the solution is different.

First, the impact crusher (reverse blow) bearing heat: Explain that the bearing is short of oil, need to refuel in time, of course, too much oil will make the bearing heat, must check the oil level when refueling, bearing damage, to replace the bearing in time, the cover Too tight, adjust the bolts properly, and the tightness is appropriate.

Second, the broken impact crusher (reverse blow) vibration abnormality: Description of the material is too large, you can check the feed size. Uneven wear, indicating that the counter-attack hammer needs to be replaced, the rotor is unbalanced, needs to be adjusted, and the foundation is not properly handled. The anchor bolts need to be inspected and reinforced.

Third, the impact crusher (reverse blow) belt flip: Description of the belt wear, need to replace the V-belt, because of the problem of belt transport assembly, the pulley should be adjusted on the same plane, we must pay attention to the quality of the V-belt itself.

Fourth, the counter crusher (counter-breaking) discharge particle size is too large: the hammer head wear, need to adjust the hammer head or replace, the gap between the hammer head and the counterattack plate is too large, generally adjusted to 15-20mm, the feed size is too large It also affects the discharge size. Shanghai Xiazhou Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer with rich experience in the production of impact crushers. It has a group of well-trained and professional maintenance teams to solve any problems in the production process in the shortest time. problem. In addition Xia Chau Heavy Industries, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, reversible crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine and so on excellent quality, good performance, available for mining, coal, metallurgy, construction, transportation, etc. A large demand for the industry.

The drum conveyor is suitable for the transportation of various types of boxes, bags, trays, etc.. Discrete, small items or irregular items must be transported on trays or in swing boxes. Can transport a single piece of heavy material, or withstand a large impact load, easy to connect and filter between the drum lines, can be used multiple drum lines and other conveyor or special aircraft to form a complex logistics transportation system, complete a variety of process needs. The packing and conveying of materials can be realized by using the packing drum. The Roller Conveyor has simple structure, high reliability, and convenient use and maintenance. The drum conveyor is suitable for the transmission of items with a flat bottom, and is mainly composed of a transmission drum, a frame, a bracket, and a drive part. It has the characteristics of large amount of transportation, fast speed, light operation, and can achieve multi-variety common line shunt transportation.


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