Traffic signal light performance test requirements

1. Darkrooms, devices and equipment for testing darkrooms, installations and equipment for optical performance testing shall comply with the following requirements:
1. The test darkroom should be free of light leakage, and its environmental conditions should not affect the transmission performance of the beam and the accuracy of the instrument;
2, the light distribution test should use AC power supply, the accuracy of the electrical instrument is not less than 0.2, the illuminance meter and the brightness meter should be the national verification
3. The primary illuminance meter specified in the regulation (the indication error does not exceed ±4%) and the first-level luminance meter (the indication error does not exceed ± 5%);
4. The angle of the light-receiving surface of the measuring instrument to the reference center of the sample is between 10' and 1°;
5. The corner device shall ensure that the deviation between the actual measurement position and the specified position during measurement does not exceed ±15'.

Second, the luminous intensity measurement traffic signal light intensity measurement should meet the following requirements:
1. The luminous intensity measurement distance is 10m;
2. When measuring, it is an independent lighting unit, and no shielding edge and traffic light lamp housing are installed;
3. The sample is operated at the rated voltage. After the luminescence of the sample tends to be stable, the illuminating intensity of each direction is specified in the optical performance.

Third, the brightness measurement traffic signal brightness measurement should meet the following requirements:
1. It is an independent lighting unit when measuring, and no shielding edge and housing are installed;
2. The measuring distance should be no less than 4m;
3. The diameter of the sampled black spot on the light-emitting surface of the signal lamp when measuring is 20mm;
4. The sample is operated under the rated voltage. After the sample is stable, the four measuring points are uniformly selected to measure the brightness of each direction specified in the brightness of the traffic signal.
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