In 2017, the Ministry of Land and Resources will carry out special supervision on permanent basic farmland delineation.

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] The basic farmland is delineated as a “protective cover” for Liangtian, and it can also prevent the development of “big cake” in the city. Jiang Daming once said that the cultivated land around the town is mostly a high-yield field formed in the long-term. In the process of urban development, it is eaten by the reinforced concrete, which will cause serious consequences, and the basic farmland will be demarcated. Force the city to delineate the development boundary.

In 2017, the Ministry of Land and Resources will carry out special supervision on basic farmland delineation.

According to data released by the Ministry of Land and Resources on the 12th, in 2016, 93.7 million mu of basic farmland was demarcated around the city, of which 27.2 million mu was newly allocated, and the average protection ratio increased from 45% to 60%.
The National Land Resources Work Conference was held in Beijing on the 12th. Jiang Daming, Minister of Land and Resources, pointed out at the meeting that it is necessary to firmly hold 1.865 billion mu of cultivated land and 1.546 million mu of basic farmland protection red line to ensure national food security. He revealed that last year's basic farmland around the 106 key cities of the Ministry of Land and Resources demarcated this "hard bone" and completed the demonstration of the basic farmland delineation plan. In 2017, the Ministry of Land and Resources will carry out special supervision on the basic farmland delineation.
In implementing the balance of cultivated land occupation and compensation, Jiang Daming pointed out that this year's new cultivated land can be used as a balance of occupation and compensation after being approved. The indicator can be adjusted in the province according to regulations. This policy has a high “gold content” and can not only basically meet the requirements. The construction of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) to supplement the needs of cultivated land can also effectively increase the income of farmers and help the poor areas to get rid of poverty. Full implementation of the "double control" action on the total amount and intensity of construction land, to promote conservation and save the pressure on cultivated land protection from the source.
In terms of safeguarding agricultural and rural development land, under the premise of controlling the total amount of rural construction land and not occupying basic farmland, we must increase efforts to revitalize the stock construction land, allow village construction, homestead consolidation and other economical construction land, through shareholding and joint ventures. Other ways, focusing on supporting the development of rural industries.

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