How to use the wireless transmission system without delay

In the process of receiving customers, many customers will ask the question of delay. People think that wireless video surveillance systems will have more or less delay. After all, wireless transmission is always slower than wired transmission. However, it is already outdated. With the continuous advancement of wireless transmission technology, the speed of wireless transmission can make people forget about these old ideas.
Of course, the main cause of the delay problem in the wireless transmission process is not necessarily the transmission device, and all the details constituting the wireless transmission system may cause delay. In the process of using the wireless video surveillance system to find the emergence of delay problems, whether users or manufacturers are not happy, so today let us talk about the causes of monitoring video delays and its solutions.
We have 10 years of experience in R&D and application of wireless video surveillance systems. After years of observation and research, we have found that most of the delays caused by the adoption of high-definition video surveillance equipment. As we all know, users of video surveillance systems in recent years are constantly pursuing a clearer and faster visual experience. Clear and fast is not a fish and a bear's paw. For modern wireless transmission technology, it is not incompatible. High-definition video surveillance equipment is only a strict requirement on the bandwidth requirements, we only need to solve the various aspects of the wireless video surveillance system, you can get both fish and bears.

Wireless video surveillance systems generally include three major parts: front-end monitoring equipment, mid-range transmission equipment, back-end control, and storage equipment. Therefore, we need to tackle the problems in these three major groups.
1. Performance impact of the front-end surveillance camera: If the monitoring camera's CPU processing capability or monitoring the camera's overall system response is insufficient, it will cause a delay phenomenon.
Solution: In the case of fixed bandwidth, high-definition video that requires 1080P/60 frames to be transmitted requires some specialized video processing chips to increase the compression ratio of video encoding, which effectively reduces the volume of data that needs to be transmitted and reduces latency. To be more straightforward, finding a reliable camera requires excellent processing chips and encoding compression capabilities!

2. Impact of performance of wireless transmission equipment : The performance of wireless transmission equipment is the main cause of most delays. Everyone knows that network cables are divided into several classes. Different levels of networks will exhibit different transmission performance. The wireless transmission equipment is more complicated than the network cable, and the CPU processing performance, the matching system speed, the quality of the antenna, and the like can all seriously affect the transmission speed.
Solution: Choose an antenna with a sufficiently large gain. Currently, wireless transmission equipment with a sufficiently high bandwidth and good chip processing capability is available. Wireless network bridge 5.8G series such as LA-5839A, LA-5825A 800M equipment, COFDM mobile video transmission equipment LA-6800DB, 3G/4G transmission Equipment LA-H91 high-definition cloth control ball and so on. According to different environments, applications choose different types of equipment, not elaborate here. If you want to know more about the details, you can consult Lean staff.

3. Performance impact of the switch: In some wireless video surveillance systems with many monitoring points, the switch will generally play the role of line integration. With the increase of surveillance cameras, the network traffic that the switch needs to process will also increase. Therefore, if the processing capacity of the switch is insufficient, delays, dropped packets, and the like will easily occur.
Solution: Find a reliable switch. There are many types of switches, both for civilian and industrial use, so don't be fooled when buying a switch. Find a switch that matches your project.
4. Performance impact of the decoder : The decoder is used for video resolution. Sometimes the video is transcoded according to needs during the transmission process. In the latter stage, the decoder needs to be used for decoding. If the decoding speed of the decoder is insufficient, delay will be caused.
Solution: Compared to everyone else guess what I have to say? That's right, find a reliable decoder. Although the decoder accounts for a small part of the delay problem, we cannot ignore it. Here to remind consumers, expensive may not be good, cheap is not necessarily bad, we do not blindly pursue expensive equipment when we choose the decoder, this aspect is also applicable to other equipment. We need to find suitable decoders that match our previous surveillance cameras and wireless transmission devices. This option can ask your wireless video system provider.
5. Number of jumps in the transmission process: The more jumps, the more losses will occur and the greater the delay.
Solution: We should choose the path with the least number of hops when designing the wireless transmission scheme. In addition, we also need to find some equipment with less loss in the jump process, for example, the wireless bridge LA-8000DH mentioned above. It is a tri-mode wireless bridge with few jumps. It is often used in the MESH network with more jump nodes.

In fact, many users are "lazy people". They do not need to carefully select a wireless video surveillance system one by one. They only need to do one - to find a trustworthy supplier.
Shenzhen Leian is a loyal friend of the majority of "lazy people". We have 10 years of experience in R&D and application of wireless video surveillance systems, and provide users with practical and reliable wireless video surveillance solutions.
What the user needs to do is to tell Lean Technology about the situation on the site. We can make free solutions based on the user's needs, including the equipment required for the system, transmission routes, and so on. If users do not trust, we can also provide free trial services, provide users with free field tests, users can use their own eyes to verify!

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