Even if the road is narrow and you do not want to be rear-ended, how can you do it?

Is the rear-end accident frequently caused only by narrow road vehicles? Not only that, it does not follow the car, bad driving habits, and the vehicle distance and vehicle dynamics are not the cause of rear-end accidents. In terms of drivers, how can they not follow the others and not be followed by others? The width of the road cannot be changed. Start from where you can change.

First of all, in the follow-up car, in order to prevent the accidental rear-end accident caused by the sudden braking of the front vehicle, do not look at the front vehicle when following the car. Use your eyesight to cross the front car to observe the front of the car and watch the brake lights turn on. . If the car in front of the front vehicle hits the brakes, then it is necessary to move the right foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal. This will not only ensure timely braking, but also alert the rear vehicle.

At the same time, it is best to keep a constant speed with the car, do not slam on the throttle or slam on the brakes, always follow the speed of the car in front of the car.

Then there is the unexpected situation of the road, such as debris on the road, puncture of the vehicle in front, out of control, etc. First of all, we must keep calm, do not panic; Second, control the speed, remember not to blindly hit the steering wheel. Finally, there is a clear grasp of the dynamics of the surrounding vehicles, knowing which direction to avoid or how to do so.

In the end, speaking of high speed driving. When driving at a high speed, if you notice that the front car changes lanes or stops suddenly, you must not accelerate the overtaking. The best way is to follow the lane change. Because the front vehicle field of vision is wider than the rear vehicle field of view, it can find the road ahead in advance. In most cases, it is because there is an emergency or obstacle in front of it that changes its course abruptly. If the rear vehicle accelerates overtaking or changing lanes when it is not clear, accidents may occur.

It should be noted here that if you find that the front vehicle is braked, besides braking yourself, you must also turn on the double flash reminder to make sure that the rear vehicle is ready to avoid rear-end collisions.

Editor's Note: The follow-up skills need to be felt during the driving process for a long time. No matter what kind of road conditions, we must maintain a good attitude and a safe distance. Only in this way can we make calm and reasonable judgments in emergencies.

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