Refrigerator car noise problem

Some sellers will encounter such a problem. After they bought the refrigerated truck for a while, they found that the refrigerated truck sometimes issued loud noise and often could not find the reason. How did the noise come about? Only by finding the root cause can the right medicine be prescribed to eliminate noise. There are generally the following sources: engines, tires, air, and body structures.


1. Reefer engine noise. High-speed gas is filtered through the air and the valve enters the cylinder. During the flow, a very strong aerodynamic noise is generated. Mainly from the fire wall and the front floor of the cab into the cockpit.

2. Refrigerator tire noise. Generally consists of three parts: First, the tire tread pattern air flow and the air around the tire composition. The second is caused by the vibration of the carcass and the pattern. The third is caused by uneven pavement.

3. Refrigerator car air noise. One is wind noise, which is caused by the pressure change caused by the separation of the airflow around the car body. The second is the wind leakage, which is caused by the interaction between the cab and the body gap and the air flow around the body. The third is other noise.

4. Refrigerator car body structure noise. There are two main aspects, one is the vibration transmission mode of the body structure. The other is that the metal components on the vehicle body are produced due to the effects inside and outside.

The above are just a few aspects of the sources of noise. Sellers can find out the crux of the noise according to their own specific circumstances, prescribe the right medicine, and clear the noise. Before you make the car soundproof, you should first check the condition of the car. Some of the noise is caused by the problem of the car itself, such as abnormal pressure of the tire, irregular damage, damage to the chassis, and abnormality of the engine. The sellers should pay special attention to the doors, trunk, car chassis, hood and roof, which are the areas where friction is most likely to occur. Therefore, these places are the focus of noise insulation processing.

The purpose of the maintenance of refrigerated trucks is to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle body, normal technical conditions, eliminate hidden dangers, take preventive measures, slow the deterioration process, and extend the service life.

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