Federal-Mogul unveiled at Shanghai International Auto Parts Fair

The Federal-Mogul Group 's global aftermarket business took place at Automechanika on December 11-14, 2012, to showcase a number of cutting-edge technologies that help shape the future automotive aftermarket.

“As one of the OEM suppliers, Federal-Mogul has always been at the forefront of technology, providing engine parts, chassis parts, and brake systems and wiper maintenance products to global automakers and aftermarkets,” said Wei Chen, general manager of FM's aftermarket business in China. Said, "We are fully demonstrating our products at Shanghai International Auto Parts Fair, which will help sellers and repair professionals understand how these technologies can meet consumer demand and promote the long-term business growth of automotive service outlets."

In this exhibition, besides demonstrating the Filodo brake system, the champion ignition and maintenance system, the AE engine system, and the Payne sealing system that are widely recognized by customers, Federal-Mogul also has different levels of product demand according to domestic channels and end customers. The MOOG, a high-end chassis brand that will occupy a leading position in Europe and the United States, and the WAGNER brake brand, which ranks first in North America, will be launched to the market.

Fermat's Ferro Ferodo, the core brand of brake pads and brake discs, and its new Ferodo Eco-FrictionTM zero- and low-copper brake pads meet future requirements to reduce copper content friction regulations while ensuring no noise, durability or performance Any effect. Fermenal Ferrodo has received the largest comprehensive coverage of the Chinese market and is suitable for more than 85% of the light vehicles driving on Chinese roads. Such impressive performance results from the coverage rate of OEMs: 99% of North American and European OEMs, 90% of Japanese OEMs, 99% of South Korean OEMs, and 44% of Chinese OEMs. There are more than 400 (25 in China) OEMs in the world. Ferro is the supplier of brake pads and brake discs. As a result, Federal-Mogul has an exclusive advantage in providing OEM replacement parts for all vehicles in China.

In order to better provide host-quality automotive parts and components for the Chinese aftermarket, Federal-Mogul plans to launch the Filodos safety service station in 2013 and promote the Filo all-permanent project at the auto repair terminal. Federal-Mogul will help the Chinese auto repair and maintenance service point to master the complex brake service challenges by providing a standardized service flow and systematic training to provide consumers with high-quality brake system solutions. For comfort and safety.

In addition, the "performance-driven" Champion series of products, including spark plugs, ignition wires and coils, wipers, antifreeze, refrigerants and chemical additives, are suitable for almost all vehicles currently operating in China. The Champion Platinum Spark Plug applies the advantages of sheet metal to millions of cars worldwide, enhancing engine performance and reliability. In 2013, the Federal-Mogul Champion product will place greater emphasis on the construction of a secondary distribution network in the Chinese market, helping sellers and repair professionals more easily obtain high-performance and high-quality products from reliable suppliers.

In order to further prove that Federal-Mogul is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions and to support the long-term profitability of the aftermarket, the “engine expert” Federal-Mogul also showcased numerous engine parts brands, Goetze LKZ oil control rings, at its booth. Reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions, improved fuel economy; GlycoIROX engine pads extend the durability of high-output engines and can withstand harsh start-stop cycles and hybrid applications; the award-winning NralDuraBowl piston with patented combustion chamber reduction Mouth remelting technology increases the durability of components in high-load, high-output engines.

“The Federal-Mogul Engine and Seal brand will introduce a new maintenance concept for the aftermarket repair shop. We provide a one-stop solution that can help our customers obtain a full range of engine parts through a single, reliable supply source.” Mr. Chen added, “Cooperate We supply chassis parts and maintenance parts for the aftermarket, and the Federal-Mogul after-sales business is transforming from a pure product supplier to a post-sale solutions provider.We not only provide high-quality improvements to repair shops, 4S stores, and quick repair and maintenance shops. The products, while providing good training in all aspects of technology and services, help maintenance service personnel to provide customers with a full range of value-added services, winning from a highly competitive market.”

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