Continental Group Receives Approval to Test Self-Driving Cars in Nevada

In December 2012, the Continental Group announced that it had obtained approval from the United States Nevada Motor Vehicles Authority (DMV) to test self-driving cars on public roads in the area.

Continental Group became the first component supplier to obtain DMV approval for self-driving car testing in Nevada. The executive chairman of the Chinese mainland, Elmar Degenhart, said: “The Continental Group continues to invest in the research and development of next-generation automotive technologies, such as automotive autopilot technology. It will lead us in a direction that is safer, more effective and more comfortable.”

There are already a number of car manufacturers that are currently conducting research on driverless car technology. Google has taken a leading position in this field and has obtained permission to self-driving cars on the road in Nevada, Florida, and California.

Continental said in a statement that it plans to introduce a semi-autonomous driving system by 2016 and plans to develop a fully-autonomously driven car that can be put into mass production between 2020 and 2025, at which time it will be able to drive at high speed or face a complex driving environment. In case of automatic driving.

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