Car refrigerant was exploded 1/4 failed

Car refrigerant was exploded 1/4 failed Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce announced the results of monitoring the quality of automotive refrigerants in circulation. The failure rate was 25%, and 15 automotive refrigerants were judged to be unsatisfactory overall, including brands such as Honda Chemicals and Porsche. Among them, Jin Yongfu Automobile Parts Supply City, Yuangang Auto Parts Market and other large auto parts markets have detected poor quality products.

60 samples qualified for 45 models

The Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce announced that it had commissioned the Guangzhou City's analysis and testing center to carry out quality monitoring of the automotive refrigerants in circulation in Guangzhou. The monitoring has collected a total of 60 models of automotive refrigerants from 51 brands distributed by 40 companies. After testing, there were 45 qualified models and 15 unqualified ones. The failure rate was 25%.

The reporter found that among the sales units for substandard products, Guangzhou Jinyongfu Auto Parts City North and South Auto Parts Business, Guangzhou Yuangang Auto Parts Market Yongfa Auto Parts, Guangzhou Yuangang Auto Parts Market New Long-term Business Department, etc. Auto parts dealers detected inferior products. More seriously, Tianhe District Yuangang Yuechang Automobile Air Conditioning Parts Business Department and Yuangang Longfa Automobile Parts Business Department respectively detected 3 batches of unqualified products.

According to the "Guangdong Province Investigation and Prosecution of Production and Sales of Counterfeit and Offensive Commodities Violations Regulations," the regulations stipulate that when consumers buy counterfeit and shoddy products, sellers shall first bear the liability for compensation and may not refuse.

Inferior refrigerant damages air conditioning system

The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce analyzed that the main problem was that the quality of the "1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane (HFC134a, R134a)" was lower than the standard requirement or product in the substandard automotive refrigerants. Nominal value. As the main component of automotive refrigerants, R134a does not contain chlorine atoms and has an ozone depletion potential of 0. It is an environmentally friendly refrigerant that has been advocated for use in recent years and has good safety properties (non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic, non-irritating, non-corrosive). Sex), its refrigeration capacity and efficiency are very close to R12, so it is considered an excellent long-term alternative refrigerant.

The reason for the failure of this product may be that the manufacturer incorporates other substances (other refrigerant substances or non-refrigerant substances) in the production process, or uses other substances as R134a. The unsatisfactory refrigerant product has unsatisfactory cooling effect and has a short use time; the use of refrigerants that are added with other inferior cooling components may also cause damage to the automobile air-conditioning system and also damage the ozone layer.

The industrial and commercial department reminds consumers to check whether the packaging is standard and whether the label is complete when purchasing automotive refrigerants. The general quality of qualified refrigerants has a market price of more than 30 yuan. "The refrigerant of about 20 yuan is very unlikely to pass. Although some refrigerants are packaged with R134a, the actual charge is R12. The price of R12 is not Half of R134a." In addition, in most cases, the quality of R134a products can still be determined by weight, and it is best to weigh them with electronic scales. If you do not have a scale, you can feel the weight of different products by using your hand. At present, most of the refrigerants sold in the market are 250 grams and 300 grams, and the weight of the products is guaranteed. The counterfeit and shoddy products are cut down and the weight is insufficient.

LINA Dispersion Kneader

LINA's dispersion kneaders help to create a lot of familiar products in our daily life, from little rubber sealing rings to plastic, ceramic and mental parts of different applications in rubber miscellaneous parts, mobile phone parts, tires industries, institutional experimental units and military, aerospace units. LINA Dispersion Internal Mixer is designed to appear various performance depending on raw materials and applications. We have accumulated more than 20 years' experience in this industry and met demands of clients from all around the world.

Kneading/mixing-LINA technologies and expertise can not only knead/mix rubber and plastic compounds with high-viscosity, but also low-viscosity semi-solids, various elastomers, ceramic powders and new materials such as different composites.

LINA Dispersion Kneader 

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Specifications of LINA dispersion kneader

LN Dispersion Kneader



Dimension (mm)

Weight (kg)

LN-LAB TEST (LT) kneader



















LN-Mass Production























Main Features

1) Fit for various of rubber, plastic and rubber & plastic compounds.

2) Effective leak proof device.

3) "M-W" type pressurization for better dispersion.

4) Precise control system (temperature system; electric system).

5) Low maintenance rate by imported accessories.

Dispersion Kneader

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