Invested 300 Million Yuan in Headlight Production Project Settled in Maojian

On the morning of the 23rd, a signing ceremony for a car light production project with an investment of 300 million yuan was held at the Vienna Hotel. Zhou Qingrong, the head of Maojian District, signed an agreement with Mao Xing, the chairman of Wuhan Yongan Asset Management Co., Ltd., the investor. The project is scheduled to start construction next month.

According to the agreement, Hubei Huazhong Auto Lamp Co., Ltd., Wuhan Yongan Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Connex Technology Co., Ltd. plan to jointly invest 300 million yuan to build 120 hectares of land in Maojian and build automobile lamp production projects, mainly engaged in automotive lighting, interior and exterior decoration. The design, development, production, and sales of automotive parts and components. The project aims to promote the three phases of the project, namely, the production and delivery of orders for the Dongfeng Luan (Shiyan production base) lamp that has been undertaken by Hubei Huazhong Automobile Lights Co., Ltd. before 2015. In the mid-term, it began to design, develop and produce automotive interior and exterior trim parts, achieving an annual output of 600,000 sets of production capacity and achieving an annual production value of approximately RMB 500 million. After 2017, we will expand cooperation, expand our market, seek to include the global procurement catalog of foreign-invested car companies and joint-venture car companies, and gradually move forward to first-line auto parts production suppliers.

It is understood that the introduction of the car light production project is the second car light production enterprise in the city after the Dongfeng Sanli Car Lamp Company. The Huazhong car light project in Hubei is a research and development style of German lamps. The introduction of the project helps to fill the gap in the industry. , extend the automobile industry chain. At present, the lights produced by Huazhong Auto Lamps Co., Ltd. account for 60% of Dongfeng Panan's market share. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will be able to achieve close proximity, and the products will have more prominent advantages in price and logistics, and the market share will be further expanded, in terms of heavy vehicles. At present, Huazhong Auto Light Company mainly supplies Shaanxi Zhongqi, which accounts for approximately 50% of Shaanxi Zhongqi's market share, and is currently negotiating with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company for cooperation. The market prospect is broad.

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