Six ways to remove formaldehyde

First, the plant absorption method

Plants have a strong ability to absorb formaldehyde, such as Chlorophytum, Tiger-tailed Orchid, Ivy, Aloe Vera, Agave, Gerbera Flower, Cactus, Clivia, Iron Tree, Chrysanthemum and so on.

Expert Comments: Many plants do have a certain role in air purification. But this does not mean that plants can completely remove the formaldehyde in the air. The absorption of formaldehyde by plants can only play an auxiliary role in the process of purifying air. If the content of formaldehyde in the air is too high, it may even cause the plant itself to die. In addition, because they consume the surrounding formaldehyde through photosynthesis, absorption efficiency at night and in rainy weather is very low.

Second, civil circulation methods

Put the tea residue, pomelo peel, onion slices, pineapple pieces, etc. in the newly decorated room or fumigate the whole room with white vinegar.

Expert Comments: The use of tea dregs, grapefruit skin, onion slices, pineapple blocks and other soil methods can only play a role in covering, such as covering the toilet smell. These things do not absorb the formaldehyde in the air. In addition to these things, some people also like to use perfumes and air fresheners. This is not advisable because the chemicals in perfumes and air fresheners may react with airborne substances and cause secondary pollution.

Third, activated carbon adsorption method

Solid activated carbon has many characteristics of pores, and has a strong adsorption and decomposition effect on formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The smaller the activated carbon particles, the better the adsorption effect.

Expert Comments: The adsorption of activated carbon on formaldehyde is obvious. It should be noted that depending on the size of the space, the amount of activated carbon must also be different. In addition, activated carbon adsorption to a certain extent needs to be replaced. Although the effect of activated carbon is good, it only passively adsorbs toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde. If the air does not circulate, it is similar to the carbon package and carbon carving on the market. It can only absorb the part of the room where it is placed.

Fourth, latex paint absorption method

The use of latex paint to absorb and decompose formaldehyde is a brand-new concept; through a unique formula, a special molecular group emulsion that adsorbs and decomposes formaldehyde is used to achieve the purification of home air.

Expert Comments: The use of chemical reactions consumes free formaldehyde in the air, generating water molecules that are harmless to the human body and the environment. Disadvantages: Latex paint is passively absorbed and decomposed. The release of formaldehyde is a long process. It lasts for years or even decades. The room can adsorb formaldehyde in furniture, carpets, paints, etc., only a very small part.

Fifth, chemical purification method

It mainly consumes formaldehyde in the air through physisorption or chemical reaction. At present, formaldehyde trapping agents on the market are divided into two types. One is to neutralize formaldehyde and generate harmless substances to purify the air; the other is The air is purified by blocking formaldehyde and preventing the volatilization of formaldehyde.

Expert Comments: Advantages: high efficiency, effective immediately after use; Disadvantages: not a permanent solution; formaldehyde release is a long process, lasting for years or even decades, is only released by the absorption or reaction A small portion of formaldehyde.

Six, air purification machine processing method

At present, air purifiers on the market are divided into negative ion type, ozone type, filter adsorption type, electrostatic integration type, and photocatalyst type. Different air purifiers have different working principles. For example, negative ion type is used to generate negative ions and decompose odors and attached fumes in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying indoor air; for example, high-pressure electrostatic precipitator carbonization bacteria virus plus highly concentrated activated carbon The air is circulated through the fan to achieve very good results.

Expert Comments: Air purifiers have great effectiveness in absorbing formaldehyde, but air purifiers are generally only effective in closed spaces. If you use the window, the effect is not good. In view of the long-term volatilization of formaldehyde, comprehensively, the effect of using equipment to remove formaldehyde is undoubtedly high, but the cost is high. Newly-renovated homes are recommended for purchase, and the new company recommends ventilation after 2-3 months of lease.

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